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Well Site Construction

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Well Site Construction "For over three decades R Construction has delivered quality Well Site Construction. They have a range of skills that are flexible to the need of the project, whether it is pad site preparation, solid-road construction in/out of site, maintenance or restoration, R Construction can complete the job.

Site Preparation

  • Clearing & Site Preparation
  • Road Building
  • Pad Construction

Production Services

  • Pit Construction
  • Erosion Control
  • Frac Ponds

Post Production

  • Beautification & Reclamation
  • Complete Restoration

Fluid Transport

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With approximately 75 vacuum trucks, R construction can handle your fluid transport needs. They specialize in the removal and disposal of drilling fluids and wastes. R Construction focuses on driver safety, with frequent safety-meetings and training, to ensure the employees' and public safety.

R Construction can provide daily operation, inspection, maintenance and transport of waste for your well.

Fluid storage and inventory management

  • Temporary and site specific tank farms
  • Inventory management for third-party fluid inventories
  • Support for drilling activities (e.g., invert mud storage)
  • Support for completion activities (e.g., frac fluid storage)

Fluid and sand distribution and transfers

  • Large fluid hauling fleet of tank trucks for fluid transfers
  • Heavy crude hauling (in the field and to facilities)

Fluid and sand recovery and removal

  • Recovery of drilling and completion fluids
  • Storage in temporary tank farms on location
  • Recovery of fluids and waste via vacuum trucks
  • Transportation to approved disposal facilities

Production support

  • Pressure trucks to provide testing for facilities, well heads and pipelines
  • Support for field activities (e.g. service rig support)
  • Hot oiler to support emulsion treating, chemical programs, wax control and frac programs

Fluid management and rental equipment

  • Rental equipment to support fluid management
  • Tanks, shale bins, containment rings, portable toilets, frac manifolds

Other Services Offered

Civil Construction Division

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R Construction Co is a trusted general construction services provider, offering a full slate of civil construction services as well as road building and construction services including paving, foundations and concrete services.

We provide everything that is needed to design structures, build foundations, erect buildings and paint new or existing structures. We are a full service engineering and construction company that offers an integrated and seamless approach, starting with building a foundation and finishing with painting and paving. We serve the community by providing turnkey buildings that are built to your specifications and budget.

Pipeline Construction

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Pipelines are a massive project, and without them certain tasks and shipments could take much needed time. These pipelines cannot be constructed overnight, and the entire construction process can take up to 18 months to complete.

Pipeline construction shares its process very closely with assembly line production. A large project is broken into manageable lengths called "spreads", and utilizes highly specialized and qualified workgroups. Each spread is composed of various crews, each with its own responsibilities. The tasks include clearing and trenching the land, stringing and welding pipe segments together, depositing the pipeline and backfilling, then finally, restoration.R Construction can trench, string, weld and assemble your pipeline, while guaranteeing the construction through proper testing. We take great pride on the quality of work produced.

Pumper Services

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Flowback waste fluid, which consists of the hydraulic fracturing fluid plus geology-associated contaminants, is considered industrial waste. This waste must be first transported and then contained in on-site in closed-loop tanks. This is an improvement over past practices and practices allowed in some states where storage of flowback in open pits was/is allowed. Once collected, flowback must be treated or disposed of properly.

This is where we come in. With approximately 75 vacuum trucks, R Construction can handle your fluid transport needs. We specialize in the removal and disposal of drilling fluids and wastes. R Construction focuses on driver safety, with frequent safety-meetings and training, to ensure the employees' and public safety.